LED Substrates

LED Substrates are specialised flexible circuits with high current carrying capability. Optical mask layers can be added using printing or photolithographic method (LPI). Continuous R2R production is a mandatory feature for long flexible circuit boards which use R2R SMT assembly.

Key features are

  • Web width from 250 mm to 550 mm
  • Minimum line/space 50/50 µm depending from the design and materials
  • Copper layer thickness 35µm and 70µm as standard
  • Double sided designs with PTHs
  • Various substrates can be used (e.g. PET, PI)
  • Various plating options available
  • Camera assisted diecutting available for special shapes
  • Camera assisted embossing available
  • Screen printable solder masks and dielectrics available in different colors

Elcoflex RGB LED matrix