Smart Labels

Wide utilisation of Smart Labels and other IoT devices depends on low-cost power sources. Printed battery or supercapacitor integrated with chip and antenna are the basic building blocks in realizing low-cost disposable IoT devices.

Energy harvesting with printed supercapacitors opens new possibilities in battery-free remote sensing. We use copper as a base material for its excellent properties in terms of conductivity, availability and connectivity. Etching process of copper can achieve very fine pitch without sacrificing the electrical performance and low oxidation tendency makes copper processing easy. Thick film printing in combination with copper circuit guarantees low cost and good processability in Smart Labels with or without a printed power source.

Key features are

  • Web width from 250 mm to 550 mm
  • Minimum line/space 50/50 µm depending from the design and materials
  • Copper layer thickness 18µm as standard
  • Various substrates can be used (for example PET, PI)
  • Various plating options are available
  • Battery open cell voltage (OVC): 1.5V
  • Battery capacity [mAh / cm2]: 0.55 @ 70µ layer thickness
  • Battery operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C